Can you name that movie in less than 170,000 Pixels?

 The movie doesn’t get better at a higher resolution, trust me.   With this image, can you name the movie?

Ana’s sister has been wanting to watch it since she arrived here earlier this weekend.  Since she has been so kind in watching David tonight while Ana and I snuck out for dinner at Bella Milano,  I gave in.  Now we suffer.

If you guess correctly, you can keep the image.  Come on people!

6 thoughts on “Can you name that movie in less than 170,000 Pixels?

  1. Ok, ok, I’ll up the ante…

    If you win, I’ll give you the FULL RESOLUTION IMAGE. That’s 8 megapixels, folks!



    I’ll get you the full-resolution image in the morning!

    To all those that guessed incorrectly, I’ll give you the consolation prize for playing. A HALF resolution image.

    Thanks for playing everyone.


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