Spring Preview

Today Central Illinois took a break from the regularly schedule winter to enjoy an absolutely beautiful 70 degree day.  Actually I don’t know how warm it ended up really getting, my car thermometer read 70 at one point though, and as I write this at 10pm I have my office window open and the computer is telling me that it’s 60 degrees.

Ana and I even got to take David on his first stroller ride around the neighborhood it was so nice out.  He loved it until some sun got in his eyes.  He sure doesn’t like that.  We capped off the day sharing a great meal of grilled steak, potatoes, salad, and brownies(!) with Jay and Katherine.

March 2nd, 70 degrees, baseball on the radio, steak dinner,  & friends.  If that doesn’t lift your spirits and make you smile, check your pulse!

Don’t get too overjoyed, however.  Winter returns tomorrow with snow expected. Pfft.





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