Wireless Broadband Rental

When we found out that Ana was going to be in surgery this week, I went on a hunt for a way to get a good internet connection at the hospital.   In past visits the free St. John’s Hospital wireless had proven to be slow at best, and oftentimes unreliable.  So I  was very interested in having a backup plan since we were going to be there for a couple of days.

My searching resulted in me renting from RovAir.com. How it works is you tell them when you want to reserve a wireless broadband card (3-day minimum), pay $15/day, and they ship a card to along with an envelope/package to send it back when your reservation is done.  I was skeptical that I would receive the card in time, but it arrived as planned before 10am on Monday.   There’s not much more to say than it worked and I would definitely use them again.

Back to the free wireless connection – it was fast and worked great this visit.  However, due to the power being out for a few hours at the hospital today I did end up using the broadband card.






2 responses to “Wireless Broadband Rental”

  1. shoo Avatar

    That’s pretty cool. I didn’t know such service existed. I’ll have to keep them in mind.


  2. EJ Avatar

    Since I only needed the card for 2 days, I sent it back to them quickly so I wouldn’t get lazy and/or forget to do it later.

    I just got a phone call from them asking if everything worked ok or if I had any problems with the card. I told them that I was happy with it but just didn’t need it for the full 3 days – and they’re going to be refunding me for the unused time since they didn’t have the card booked or anything. Wooo!

    Go RovAir!


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