Unexpected trip…

To the hospital.  Tonight Ana started experiencing very painful shoulder pain that was making it painful to breathe, so her surgeon advised her to come into the ER to get checked out.  They’ve done EKGs, xrays, and the like and everything looks ok.  It sounds like the best guess is the gas they put in her for the surgery on monday causing the shoulder pain.  We had been told about this, but it had sounded like that should have been done with 24-48 hours after surgery (whereas this started tonight).

So we’ve been here for a couple hours, she has gotten more pokes and prods.  Hopefully we’ll be going home soon, the pain is slowly subsiding it seems.

They did do a blood count on her – she has one scheduled for tomorrow – and they said they couldn’t get a reliable platelet count due to clumping BUT they said there were a normal amount of them.  Whew.

We’re both tired, just want to get some sleep (it’s 1am right now).





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