Spring Geyser

Or just a faulty sump line.

Those have have followed this blog for years may recall that we had a tremendous time getting our sump pump line installed/buried/whatever by the terrible company that built the house – Construx.  They’ve been out of business for a couple years now, thank goodness, but their handiwork strikes agian.

The “buried” line (in quotes because it ended up being 3″ at most underground) has pulled apart again at a joint and we have a nice little geyser spray up whenver the pump kicks on.  It’s pretty neat, really.  Unfortunately it isn’t neat enough to put benches around and charge people to see, so I’ll need to dig up the joint and repair it soon.






2 responses to “Spring Geyser”

  1. Dave Avatar

    pix pls k thx


  2. EJ Avatar

    Some day…


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