Ana’s new PDA arrived today, the Asus A626, and it’s pretty darn cool.  Now I want one, but I have to keep telling myself that I’m near a computer for the vast majority of my day so there’s just no need…damn!

Ana discovered that along with her new job at Memorial, she was spending a lot of time out of her office but still needed quick access to her email and calendar.  So it was pretty clear that she could use a pda or smartphone.  Luckily, whenever she’s offsite, she’s at one of the other hospital buildings will full wireless access.  That combined with our unwillingness to pay for these expensive cellular data plans made the choice for a standone pda very simple.  The connection speeds sure beat cellular too.

So I got it all setup tonight and it’s happily syncing with her Exchange account at work.

As the former owner of a few PalmOS devices, I never got to play around with Windows-based PDAs.  I really liked what I saw.





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