I recall learning about the New Madrid fault line in school (there are those pesky teachers again!) and not thinking a whole lot of it at the time.  But shortly after Hurrican Katrina and all of the flooding down in New Orleans, my mind periodically wandered back to this thought….

If there were a large quake along the fault line that caused quite a bit of damage, since buildings around here just aren’t made to put up with the earth moving beneath them, would the rest of the country sit and think Well you idiots lived on the 2nd largest fault line in the country, what do you expect?!   I mean, how many times have we griped at those that complain about their houses being flooded when they keep rebuilding in a flood plain?





3 responses to “Faults”

  1. Bob Avatar

    Here is an article about the New Madrid quake in the 1811 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Madrid_Earthquake


  2. Dave Avatar

    I don’t understand your tags.


  3. EJ Avatar

    It started as Quake… then went -> quakes -> quakers -> amish -> oak furniture (amish like oak)


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