Good Morning!

What a fun little wakeup call that was!

Actually, Ana and I had just woken up a couple minutes before it started.  Ana want to see why David was crying, and that’s when things started to shake a little bit.  I didn’t think it was a tornado, but rather just some very strong winds that aren’t all too uncommon here.  Then it just kept getting stronger and stronger, to the point that the bed was shaking in a really freaky poltergeist sorta way.

If you tell someone in Illinois that there’s a tornado, instinct just kicks in and they’ll head to a center room or basement without hesitation.  Not so with an earthquake – the confusion of having just woken up, and my house sounding like it was shaking apart made me stop and concentrate a little on what exactly you’re supposed to do in one of these things.  I know it sounds a little silly, but I just wanted to get the heck out of there at that point because it was just getting worse and worse.

As it peaked we found ourselves standing beneath a bathroom doorframe, just kinda dazed at the really weird feeling of shifting back and forth.  Thanks grade-school earthquake preparation training!






10 responses to “Good Morning!”

  1. Leland Milton Goldblatt Avatar

    It woke me up 4:47am. Could feel it when I stood up. Wow, got the adrenaline going! Items on shelf were rattling. Well, I guess I lived through the “big” one of 2008.

    I woke up to a creaking sound of my house and my bed was shaking for a good solid 20 seconds. It was the most eerie feeling… as if some stranger had entered my room and began gently rocking my bed left to right, silently.


    — Leland Milton Goldblatt, Ph.D. ®
    Distinguished Professor


  2. EJ Avatar

    It’s definitely a feeling I’m not likely to forget. I hopped out of bed and didn’t put my glasses on, so I couldn’t see outside clearly enough to rule out insane winds right away.

    It’s nice that lots of local bloggers hopped on right away and posted, the fifteen minute lag before the “real news” kicked in felt like forever.


  3. Maria Avatar

    Well that scared me pretty well. Sampson went nuts!! He ran around the bedroom and landed on top of the bed and was still under the covers when I left this morning for work. He was freaked out!! It seriously felt like I was on a boat swaying back and forth. The whole apartment building was moving from left to right, on top of the shaking.
    My first thought, Thunder
    Next thought, Train/Big Truck
    Third thought, Mine collasping (they underground mine about 5 miles away)
    Fourth thought, EARTH QUAKE!!
    What a wake up call!!


  4. EJ Avatar

    FYI, Maria is located in Southern Indiana…


  5. Bob Avatar

    Another weird note, our bedroom window was open and while it was going on I looked outside and it was completely quiet, no birds making noise, totally silent.


  6. Jan (aka...Aunt Jan) Avatar
    Jan (aka…Aunt Jan)

    It’s a good thing you listened to your ‘teachers’ when they prepared you for just this very thing happening…we do know somethings you know! By the way it still feels kind of eery outside…it’s like all of nature knows something we don’t!


  7. Bob Avatar

    I got my training mixed up, I tried to get under my desk.


  8. EJ Avatar

    Just got a little rumble aftershock here…


  9. Jan (aka...Aunt Jan) Avatar
    Jan (aka…Aunt Jan)

    Bob…you are suppose to try take cover under your desk or stand in a door frame….we just informed the kids this morning to do exactly that!…so, Great Job!!


  10. Jan (aka...Aunt Jan) Avatar
    Jan (aka…Aunt Jan)

    Eric…the aftershock you felt registered 4.5….or so I was told by another teacher this morning.


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