Food Post II

Tuesday night I decided I would like to grill some brats for dinner.  After picking up David from my mom’s, we went to the County Market on South 6th street to buy some. I wandered around for a while unable to find the uncooked, unfrozen bratwursts so I asked the butcher if they had any.  He said the only unfrozen ones were the ones in his butcher case – go figure!  So I had to resort to buying those.

I got home and grilled them up, but they had almost no flavor whatsoever.  That’s not good when all you wanted was the taste of a good Johnsonville Brat.

Soooo, avoid the bratwursts being sold at County Market’s meat counter.  Well, unless you like crappy flavorless brats I guess.

Btw, leaving the butcher counter I passed the unfrozen ones….grrr…





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