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  • The Feed Store

    Today I had lunch at a restaurant I have never eaten at before – The Feed Store, in downtown Springfield.  Was it good? Meh.  The sandwhich I had wasn’t anything that I couldn’t make at home, I’ll leave it at that. What did turn me off was their lack of adherance to what I’ll call Restaurant […]

  • Birthday and a Cozy Dog

    Today is my 29th birthday, so for lunch we headed out somewhere I had never been and Ana has only been once.  The Cozy Dog! That’s right, we have both lived in Springfield for a long time – heck I lived within a mile of the place growing up – but I’ve just never eaten […]

  • Food Post II

    Tuesday night I decided I would like to grill some brats for dinner.  After picking up David from my mom’s, we went to the County Market on South 6th street to buy some. I wandered around for a while unable to find the uncooked, unfrozen bratwursts so I asked the butcher if they had any.  […]

  • Food Post I

    Just a heads-up to anyone in the Springfield area that shops at Meijer and likes sweet corn.  They’re selling some now, but it doesn’t taste very good. 😦

  • MCL Cafeteria

    Today is Justin Long’s birthday and as such, he was allowed to select the restaurant for lunch.  It’s Friday and it already ruined my weekend. My issues: We had to leave for lunch at 11:10.  That means we were back at 12:10.  That means I have 4+ hours left here at work for the remainder […]

  • Mmmm, mmmmm, good.

    + = GOOD.