Garage Sale

Our neighborhood is having a big garage sale this weekend, and for the first time in 4 years we have decided to try and sell some of the stuff we want to get out of the house.

Nobody wants our stuff.  They just stare at the stack of $3 computer books and continue on 😦  Ana think we should market them as booster seats instead.

Come on people, come get some C++ learnin’!






4 responses to “Garage Sale”

  1. Kate Avatar

    David had some garage sale luck today. He will be recieving a farm ride on toy from my neighbor’s sale. It makes lots of noise! I love being Aunt Kate!


  2. Russ Avatar

    This is the first year we HAVEN’T done the garage sale – and couldn’t be happier with the decision. Having the pros waiting in your driveway at 6:30 and then try to get you to take a dollar for a laptop is not my idea of fun.

    And my garage sale box is still full of code books too. Does no one need to know C++ and perl anymore? Good luck today….at least the weather is decent.


  3. Russ Avatar

    Oops…looks like I spoke too soon on the weather. 🙂


  4. EJ Avatar

    Aunt Kate – wooo! I’m sure he’ll have a blast with it 🙂

    Russ – you sure jinxed the weather! It feels like the first week in March out there. Needless to say, traffic was down quite a bit from last night and we hardly sold anything. We just don’t have what the masses want, apparently. So we’ll be packing up the van for a trip to Goodwill here shortly.

    It sure would be great if the neighborhood association could arrange for a donation truck to come by after these big sales…


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