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  • Swimming!

    Springfield finally had weather warm enough for swimming, so we took advantage of it and headed over to Jay and Katherine’s pool for the afternoon.  David took a while to relax in the water but ended up having fun and wearing himself out. More photos on the gallery.

  • October, already?

    And before we knew it, it was October! David was outside for a while this evening enjoying the cool weather and the great sunset light (ok, that last part was me). Look, he sees his shadow!  Does that extend summer?

  • FAA and Air Traffic Controllers at JFK

    Apparently over the weekend there was a close call between two aircraft at JFK airport in New York.  The air traffic controllers can be heard on tape telling a pilot to turn immediately, later reporting that two planes were with 100 feet of each other. The FAA denies it and I just listened to an […]

  • Garage Sale

    Our neighborhood is having a big garage sale this weekend, and for the first time in 4 years we have decided to try and sell some of the stuff we want to get out of the house. Nobody wants our stuff.  They just stare at the stack of $3 computer books and continue on 😦  […]

  • Low Budget Movie

    According to this article, the new movie Cloverfield is considered a low-budget film.  At more than $30 Million.  Wow.