Today we should be getting some dirt delivered to our house for the garden.  Shame on me for taking the advice/experience of the person on the phone when ordering, I was being lazy but finally did the calculations myself and will be ending up with right around 50% more dirt than I’m going to need.  Greaaat.

I know I have a few other places in the yard I could use some of the extra, but there will surely be a decent amount left.

So, anyone in Springfield want some topsoil?  If not I may just tell them to keep some of what I’ve paid for – an idiot tax of sorts.

8 thoughts on “Dirt

  1. I have been wanting to put in a dirt bike racing track in our basement, if there is enough.


  2. I’ll take any extra off of your hands.

    Either that or add another 2×6 to raise your garden som more. It can’t be too deep.



  3. I’ll probably take you up on the offer to take some/all of the extra, we’ll see how much I end up with after a couple side-projects and keeping a little mound in the back yard for reserves.

    I’m going to be buying rock for around the garden, maybe I’ll buy twice of what I need for it, too.


  4. Tell me you didn’t pay for dirt delivery? Don’t you have a gullible friend with a pickup that would haul it for you ?


  5. I did and I do, but said truck was full of landscaping rock and couldn’t quite support an extra 3 cubic yards of topsoil 🙂


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