Yard work

I did some yardwork this morning and made a little platform for the newly completed garden utility box to sit on - level even. Here is it, painted and in its final resting place. Some paint touch-ups are needed for areas not touched during the initial paint spraying. I like it, and Ana has starting … Continue reading Yard work


Yesterday I ordered some landscape rock (1.5 tons) to be delivered on Thursday so that I could spend the 4th getting the remainder of our garden area complete.  I got a call today asking if it was ok for them to just drop it off today instead of tomorrow, and here it is: Over lunch … Continue reading Rock


It has been raining most of the weekend, which sucks for outdoor activities but is great for gardens! This picture reminds me that I need to get the landscaping rock ordered and dump off at our house. The rain is also treating Ana's azaleas well: And since you were kind enough to read this far, … Continue reading Rain


Today we should be getting some dirt delivered to our house for the garden.  Shame on me for taking the advice/experience of the person on the phone when ordering, I was being lazy but finally did the calculations myself and will be ending up with right around 50% more dirt than I'm going to need.  … Continue reading Dirt

Lots Done

Today was an extremely busy day - after getting breakfast made and eaten I ran a half dozen errands, came back and mowed the lawn, ran more errands (with Ana and David this time), then came back and did some more work on the garden we're putting in this year. Today I got the frame … Continue reading Lots Done