Anniversary Saturday

This coming Saturday is our 5th wedding anniversary (well that sure went quick).  To celebrate, we’re headed to St. Louis for some baseball followed by italian food.

I secured some tickets through that will put us in the 5th row of Diamond Box seats behind the visitors dugout, complete with waitress service for when we buy those $12 beers.  When the game is done we’ll head over to The Hill for some great food.  We typically go to Zia’s – anyone else have recommendations?





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  1. Mark Avatar

    You’ll need reservations, but my suggestion would be the Melting Pot over on Delmar ( It is a fondue restaurant and the experience amounts to a several hour long meal. The food is awesome and it is a nice quiet and private dining atmosphere. Enjoy your anniversery.


  2. EJ Avatar

    Great suggestion, sounds like fun.


  3. Bruce Avatar

    Charlie Gitto’s on the Hill is a little more upscale than Zia’s. Nicer atmosphere and maybe better service without being too formal. The food is great as well (though Zia’s food is pretty darn good too).


  4. Jan (aka...Aunt Jan) Avatar
    Jan (aka…Aunt Jan)

    Sounds like great FUN! ….where do you want your favorite aunt to meet you!!?
    (just playen with ya….have an awesome time….Brio’s over by Plaza Frontenac is awesome also…it’s not Italian, but it’s food, service and ambiance is of high quality! Their bread is to die for! or…..I just thought of another place, it’s a bit more casual but their food is great…Canyon Cafe , which is in Plaza Frontenac…lower level I believe. In any event…have fun and know you’ll be in my prayers! Love you both, Aunt Jan


  5. EJ Avatar

    Wow, there have been a lot of great suggestions here. Too much to eat in one day, I’m afraid!


  6. Dave Avatar

    Cunetto’s is usually where we go on the Hill for good eats. Very much recommended to do baseball BEFORE Italian. Doing anything other than slothing around after the Hill is not advised.


  7. EJ Avatar

    In stark contrast to the great food we’ll be eating wherever we end up on Saturday evening, today for lunch I’m having a wonderful $1 Totino’s A** Pizza.

    There’s something wrong about 10 ounces of food for under a buck – knowing that a good portion of that dollar was for transportation of the “food”.


  8. EJ Avatar

    Damn, The Melting Pot doesn’t have any early reservations on Saturday – so that’s out.

    @Bruce – Would jeans be OK attire for Charlie Gitto’s? Any “must have” dishes?

    @Dave – Same thing, jeans OK? Any “must have’s”?

    I’ll probably end up taking a list of possibilities and go to the least packed (tough on a weekend evening, I know)


  9. Bruce Avatar

    Jeans would work for Charlie Gittos, especially on the Hill. They have a downtown location that is fancier, but Kirsten and I ate there casually dressed and felt comfortable.

    I think they change up their menu pretty often so I’m not sure what would be best. Everything we have had there was good, but it tends towards the heavy side (like all food on the Hill seems to).

    I second the Cunetto’s suggestion as well if you’re looking for someplace a little more casual.


  10. Dave Avatar

    I hear the *ss pizzas are better if you add more cheese, and Tabasco sauce. They get worse when a Res Hall golf cart delivers them.

    I think I’ve been to Cunetto’s in jeans, but not recently.

    I also highly suggest Tucker’s steakhouse. Not the hill, (it’s in Soulard) but miiiighty fine steaks.

    Ted Drew’s is, of course, implied in all of this.


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