Respect for Single Moms

This is to all those single mom’s out there. How in the world do you do it? Completely and utterly amazed by you all – total respect for being able to do it yourself. Besides getting 3 hours of sleep last night between various wake ups of our little David, I then had to deal with a 30 minutes screaming session while I was getting dressed and ready for work. That followed by him smiling at himself in the mirror while still sniffling from all the crying was enough to make me just want to go back to bed. We managed to eat breakfast, pack the car, feed the cats and water the garden without incident. But wow, what a morning. FYI, I had to do this all myself this morning because Eric is in Chicago for work. Usually he entertains David while I’m getting ready, as well as feeds the cats. I feed David and pack the car (garden is usually done at night). PLUS we split the who gets up to put him back to sleep duties. Eric won’t be back until Sunday (basically), so I’ll be doing the same battle tomorrow. Maybe David will relax a bit on day 2?






One response to “Respect for Single Moms”

  1. Kate Avatar

    Hang in there, Ana! All you really have to do is keep him clean and fed. Let everything else go a little bit if you have to.


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