Refried Beans and Lettuce

We made taco salad tonight for dinner, using lettuce straight out of our backyard.  I need to take a picture and get it posted here, because the garden is quite full of growth – mostly intentional but there are some pretty hefty weeds too.  I hope the peppers get growing soon so we can get some salsa made!

And now a little rant about refried beans.  Is there a reason you have to buy 16oz cans of refried beans?  After we’re done eating tacos or similar meals including them, we find ourselves tossing a nearly full can of beans because we’ve used just several spoonfuls. Would it be too difficult to have smaller “serving size”-sized cans, say on the order of 4 ounces or so?  Please!?






3 responses to “Refried Beans and Lettuce”

  1. Brian Avatar

    Send the rest over this way. I’ll mix them up with a can of whatever’s closest and it will be great.


  2. Maria Avatar

    They do make a smaller can it is in the chip isle.


  3. EJ Avatar

    Really? Well that’s just stupid!

    Thanks for the info, I’ll look there next time.


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