Busy Saturday

Today turned out to be a pretty busy day.  I made a quick trip to Lowes to get a pair of 12′ pieces of crown molding to finally finish off David’s room.  It has taken entirely too long to get it completed, but I can’t exactly be in there with a nailgun while he’s sleeping.

I only had one 10′ section of wall left, but decided to buy two pieces of ample size so that when I inevitably screwed up the first piece I could just laugh, set it aside, and try again without having a trip in the car piss me off.  The most amazing thing happened, though – I didn’t need the second piece because I didn’t screw it up. Wooo!

After getting that piece in place I had to putty, sand, touchup paint, and caulk around the room which took a lot longer than I expected.  But, it’s finally done and looks really good to my untrained eye.  To top it off, we also finally got the pictures up in the room.

Sometime in there I also cleaned my desk(!) and mowed the lawn.  Busy day.  I’m tired.





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