Garden Storage Box

Tonight I pretty much finished the storage box for the garden I mentioned earlier this week.  I’ve been able to work on it for a couple of hours every night this week after David has gone to bed, so quite a bit of progress was made.  All that’s left is to find a suitable latch for the front doors and then get it painted/stained/sealed to endure the outdoors.

It has been a fun little project to help me get more comfortable with this type of work.  More photos are available.  I’ll post more photos once it’s all painted and moved to the garden.

6 thoughts on “Garden Storage Box

  1. I do believe they make safety hinges for the sides so the lid won’t slam on Baby David’s fingers. Something to check out.


  2. Thanks, and thanks!

    I thought maybe putting some barbed wire around it would keep him away, thus avoiding the need for safety hinges 🙂


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