I’m sitting on the phone right now trying to get through to Comcast cable to ask them why my HD channels will be “available in a moment” but are all blank.  Ana scheduled the Olympic opening ceremony to record and now it hasn’t and we’ve missed half of it.  And I guess we have to watch the other half in Comcastic-shit non-HD glory.

Comcast, you are a terrible cable company and I am FURIOUS  at you.  This is completely unacceptable.

OOoh i have you on the phone right now…..






4 responses to “COMCAST, I AM MAD”

  1. EJ Avatar

    Me: “I am paying for HD channels, but NONE of the channels are coming in right now. And I have now missed half of the Olympic opening ceremony.”

    Comcast: “We _are_ experiencing technical difficulties in Springfield at the moment.”

    Me: “Well no shit. I need a refund.”

    Comcast: “Your account has been credited with $15.”

    Me: “Any idea when this is going to be back up?”

    Comcast: “We are hoping within the hour but it could be a few”

    Me: click.

    Total time after finally getting through: 30 seconds.

    Call and demand a refund for your HD, this is rediculous.


  2. shoo Avatar

    What makes me even more mad is the amount I pay them a month.


  3. EJ Avatar

    Do you have HD, shoo? Just wanting to know if anyone else in Springfield is having the same problems or what.

    We currently are getting all of the HD channels we’re supposed to, EXCEPT for NBC (channel 906).

    I was in a particularly annoyed mood last night so I waited over an hour to chat with a Comcast person online. Based on what I was told Friday about the problem being area wide, I figured I’d waste some of their time and share the love. I think we ended up chatting for 30 minutes or so with the result being a refund for my August bill (supposed to be full cable tv cost, not just HD – we’ll see) and they’re sending a tech to the house Wedensday. If the problem is indeed area-wide, I can’t wait to see what that tech tries to do to fix it at my house.

    You’re right about the cost – I don’t pay this much for anything else that has such poor service or performance. Pathetic.


  4. […] been very annoyed with Comcast of late – from the flakey internet connection to the more recent unavailability of NBC HD for the Olympics, I’ve lost my patience with their terrible service.   As I mentioned, I had a long chat […]


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