Response From Fellowes

I received the following response to my request for a replacement gear for my broken shredder

Hi Eric,

Unfortunately The OD700C has been discontinued. All stock of this item, including all replacement parts, has been phased out of our warehouses and is no longer available. We apologize for any inconvenience. Please advise if we can be of any further assistance.






3 responses to “Response From Fellowes”

  1. Mark Avatar

    If it is just a gear you need, I’m sure you could try to find a generic gear out there. I’ve never personally bought one before, but it seems like something that should be available. Some place like



  2. Kate Avatar

    Grr…it should have read…”Dear Eric,
    We want to send you a replacement shredder because we too think your should have lasted longer. We also admire your moxie for trying to replace a single part in a world where everything seems disposable.”


  3. EJ Avatar


    I replied to that asking if _any_ of their current models use the same gear (as if they’ll have any clue). No response yet, so it looks like I’ll just have to go buy another one.

    Mark – I looked around for a while but decided it was going to be too much trouble. This gear is a double gear of sorts, where there’s a smaller one attached to the underside of it.


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