Eric vs. The Supergate V

Now that David is quite proficient in crawling all over the place we decided it was time to put up one of the baby shower gifts – the Supergate V.

What makes the Supergate V so unique is its extra wide spanning capabilities, up to 5 feet.   Too bad we have a 6′ doorway!  Upon discovering the gap, I ran out to Baby’s R Us and purchased a second one to cannibilize for parts.

I present the 6′ wide Supergate!

Notice the 5 panels instead of the stock 4.  Nice.

Installation took a while because it is designed to be attached to the wall instead of being held by pressure and friction.   Since this opening isn’t a traditional “doorway”, I had a small problem of baseboard trim to deal with.  To compensate, I had to rip a couple pieces of wood to be 1/2″ thick and attach them to the wall first.

It took a bit longer than I expected when I opened the box up tonight, but it’s done and looks as good as a big gate can look.  No more crawling right into the office!






One response to “Eric vs. The Supergate V”

  1. Ana Avatar

    We’ll have to get David a laptop so he can still compute – just without the wires and powerstrips!


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