An evening in Fast Forward

I’m still feeling my way though some of this video stuff, here’s one I put together tonight.  I think the aspect ratio is off a tad… and it’s bugging me.  Anyway, enjoy!

Update: Re-encoded the video, now the aspect ratio is correct.  Woo!

7 thoughts on “An evening in Fast Forward

  1. Great video! But I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed the background music!–When did ya’all make a trip to Branson, and why wasn’t I invited? YeeHaa!!!


  2. Haha, that’s Patrick Street’s “Music For a Found Harmonium” from the movie Napoleon Dynamite.

    No Branson trips here – if I never went back there again I’d be happy!


  3. What about eatin’ with your fingers at Dixie Stampede? Finger-lickin’ gooood eatin’!!

    Seriously, the ONLY thing I ever went to Branson for was Silver Dollar City, known to all who frequent it as, “SDC.” The fall festival is awesome with its “Son-of-a-Gun” stew (cooked outside in huge kettles and served in large breadbowls), grilled turkey legs and potato, onion and okra medley, fried outdoors in a 10 ft skillet. Ahhh, the aroma of outdoor cooking!
    And don’t get me started on Christmas at SDC!!. . . .


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