4 thoughts on “Just playin’ around

  1. Dude…. is that a Res Hall Computers UP all night shirt? It is.


    Good thing your dorkiness is overshadowed by DJ’s cuteness.

    Are you making up your hand signals, or is there a table online somewhere?


  2. Yeah, that’s the shirt. It’s late in the laundry cycle, what can I say 🙂

    And yes, that would be sign language we’re teaching him. He definitely understands many of the signs we use, and his motor skills are to the point where he can do some of them himself.


  3. I think he enjoys cheering for his accomplishments even more than throwing the ball! I just LOVE his baby laugh, too.
    Also, I’m sure you’ve noticed, but it kinda looks like he wants to be a lefty, like his dad–he used the left for feeding himself, too.


  4. I wish I were a lefty, but nope, I’m right-handed.

    He definitely gets aweful excited when he throws the ball to us.


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