Lightroom 2.1

Adobe releaed the much awaited 2.1 update to Lightroom this evening.  I’ve been using version 2 for a couple months now, and found it to be head and shoulders above version 1.x.  There were definitely performance problems, but once I made a few performance tweaks, it was usable and worth the headache for the new features.

I just installed 2.1 and gave it a very quick walk through.  So far, it appears they have done a great job on the performance issues.  The general UI is back to being as snappy as I remember 1.x being, and the local adjustments brush introduced in 2.0 is now nearly instant even without the tweaks mentioned above.  Way to go Adobe, and thank you!

I haven’t even looked at the feature list for 2.1 yet, I wonder what else was added…






3 responses to “Lightroom 2.1”

  1. EJ Avatar

    Nice Fix #1: secondary monitor display no longer forces full-screen mode to be on the monitor to the right of the primary. Wooo!


  2. EJ Avatar

    Nice Feature: The import dialog appears to be filtering out removable media drives based on whether or not there’s actually media in them. Nice. That or something is going wrong on my computer.


  3. EJ Avatar

    This may get long…

    I forgot to mention that the new Camera Profiles are also available


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