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  • The Cascade Tree is No More

    The tree I have called the Cascade Tree (after the rural road it is on) is no more. I have no idea what it was about this tree, but many times while driving back from shooting at the lake I’d stop and give it some lens time too.  I always liked how the road looked […]

  • Just Crop

    Just Crop

    It has been a while since I’ve been out in the evenings to take photos.  I took David with me and we headed to Sangchris Lake, in hopes of a good looking sky and/or sunset. Sadly, the sun slowly dimmed without a show.  I didn’t come away with much, around 30 shots in total.  One […]

  • Getting Out to Shoot

    As I mentioned a few months ago, I have been doing my best to get out and shoot as much as possible.  Some times are more difficult than others to push myself outside, like last night when it was still above 90 degrees and humid at sunset.   But I made it out, and was rewarded […]

  • Good Day of Shooting

    I spent a couple hours outside shooting this afternoon while the others in the house were enjoying naps.  I decided to drive over to Sangchris Lake and give my new 10-stop ND filter a try. Before getting to the filter, however, I happened to get into a great position to _finally_ get a good shot […]

  • Sugar Creek Covered Bridge

    This past Saturday I got up before dawn and drove out to Sugar Creek Covered Bridge, in hopes of getting a good looking, while unique, photo. It’s very frustrating when you make such an effort and walk away without anything to show for it, but I don’t think this is one of those times.  I made a few good […]

  • Sangchris Lake on a Cold Morning

    Being Presidents’ Day, I was fortunate to have the day off from work.  All weekend I was racking my brain trying ot figure out where I wanted to go spend my morning shooting.  I left the house the same time as a typical work day, around ten til seven. It wasn’t until I was in […]

  • Corel VideoStudio Pro and QuickTime, a Workaround

    I really like Corel VideoStudio Pro for video editing, and I’ve been using it for 4 years now.  Unfortunately it really falls down when it comes to QuickTime videos.  Now that I own a Canon 7D that records in QuickTime format, this is a problem. The underlying issue is that the software seems to lose […]

  • My Photography

    As 2010 turned into 2011, one of the things I decided I wanted to do was to spend more time behind my camera so I could improve my photography.  I wanted to be far more deliberate in what I shot, when I shot, and how I shot. It was early July when I had a […]

  • First Impressions: Canon 7D

    For Christmas, Ana gave me a brand new Canon 7D to replace my trusty, but aging 30D.  I can’t believe I’ve had that 30D for four and a half years! Now that I’ve had a whopping 24 hours to play with it, I have to say that it’s a larger and more impressive jump than I […]

  • That’s Really Pretty

    Last night as we were leaving David’s YMCA swim class, the sun was setting behind some clouds and it was already starting to get dark outside. A few blocks away, nestled among other buildings, the tower of the Cathedral caugh my eye; it was lit with several lights shining up on its sides which really […]