Heights and XM Radio

A couple of months ago I purchased a Terk XM6 XM Radio Antenna because the reception I have been getting in the office has been poor and unpredictable.   Due to some procrastination, the new antenna has been sitting in its packaging waiting to be installed ever since.

Until today.  This morning I decided it was time to get back up on the 2nd storey roof of my house and replace the now-inactive Wifi antenna with XM.  I’m not a fan of being that high up, particularly on a cold and windy day.  In fact, as I climbed up the ladder and took a look at my target, I came very close to saying screw-it and just mounting the antenna on the side of the house.

Not to be easily defeated – I pushed ahead and swapped the antennas.  I had to run new cable (RG6 Quad Shield) instead of using the existing, superior cable (LMR400) so that I could get the appropriate connectors attached.  Due to how securely Jay put that other cable up, and how cold it was, I decided I’ll make another trip back up in warmer weather to pull it down 🙂

So now my office has an XM jack, 100%  (versus maybe 20%, according to the receiver) signal reception, and won’t cut in and out when someone walks through the room!   The project isn’t completely done, however;  I need to order a 2.4Ghz splitter so I can feed the signal to the basement and possibly another room in the house in the future.




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