11 Months Old

He’s 11 months old today, kinda crazy.  The rest can be seen in the gallery.

Quick little story about the backdrop.  I had grand plans of it looking a lot better/different than this.  I started last night  first dying the muslin solid yellow.  Then I tied it into  ball and dyed it tan, producing a nice mixture of the two colors.  Finally, I tied it up again an dropped it into a dark brown dye.  Unfortunately, I didn’t tie the ball tight enough and the dark brown overpowered the other layers – completely ruining the autumn-looking backdrop I wanted.  The end result still looks ok, just not what I had planned 😦





3 responses to “11 Months Old”

  1. Mark Shiffer Avatar

    How did Jericho show up as a related post to pictures of your son? Do we have a future agent on our hands?


  2. EJ Avatar

    I have no idea, those tags get automatically generated. It’s always interesting to see what’s considered Related 🙂


  3. Aunt Kath Avatar
    Aunt Kath

    Where has our baby gone? He’s such a little man. But I think he’s really come to enjoy the “photo shoots”–he’s smiling in all of them. Excellent pictures again, Eric!


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