Ammo and… backups?

OK, just a few more words about my data backups.

Last week I ordered a few Army Surplus, 30 Caliber Ammo Cans, they arrived today.  What the heck are these for, you ask?

Well I thought they could make a great way to transport and store the hard drives I’m going to be rotating off-site.  So tonight I got to work with a knife and some dense foam, to create what should be a pretty sturdy (and water-resistant!) hard drive case.

And here it is, with a spare drive not quite halfway pushed in.  The foam cutting was crude, and it may not be pretty, but I like it.

The cans are $4 apiece + shipping.

6 thoughts on “Ammo and… backups?

  1. Next step, handcuffs, black suit, white shirt, black tie, and dark sunglasses as well as a secure pass phrase for undisclosed drop off site, 13 digit vault pass code that changes every 2 minutes that also requires biological validation of authorized personnel…

    Don’t think he hasn’t thought about it…


  2. Eric, you know, I think your Uncle Dan has one of those things–it looks just like it. He adapted his for some other use though. I hadn’t seen one in years–where did you get the idea for that?


  3. I vaguely remember him having one – for camera equipment maybe?

    I’m not sure why I thought of using them like this, I read an article that mentioned the ammo cans and the idea just popped up.


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