One Year

Today was David’s first birthday!  As has been the monthly ritual, I got the camera equipment out and took a few photos.  (More photos in the gallery)


In one sense it’s incredible that it has been a year since he was born; but in another it feels like he has been with us all along, and we’ve experienced so much:  turning his head to our voices; reaching for toys; rolling over; giggling; trying to crawl; crawling; picking out his favorite books; snuggling up for reading time; trying to walk; walking; and on and on.  

His smile is infectious, his laugh even moreso.  And I could sit for hours just watching him concentrating and learning about the world around him. 

Tonight he received a set of small toy trucks from my parents and he sat and ran the trucks over every surface he could find, making little engine noises.  He also received a toy filled with gears, which he occupied himself with by spinning and tinkering – I couldn’t help but just step back and smile; that’s my boy.







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  1. Aunt Kath Avatar
    Aunt Kath

    Again, where HAS our baby gone!? He’s such a little man now. And he’s so pretty! (Yes, it’s OK to say that for a boy!)

    My favorites were—#5, #24 and #25. But he does have such enchanting expressions that I can easily see how one could sit and watch him for hours. Babies are like that–Each little spirit is so unique!

    All my love!


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