This afternoon, David layed on our floor with a pencil and pad of paper and “drew” for over an hour.  Just quietly flipping pages and drawing all over them.  He even insisted on taking his tools to dinner with us where he continued to scratch his thoughts down.  All-in-all, he spent about 2 hours at it.



It’s so fun to watch him problem-solve and learn things.  As he was scribbling he couldn’t keep his pencil as still as he wanted, so he steadied it with his other hand as he slowly and deliberatly moved the pencil to where HE wanted.  Then talk to himself and start on the next page.

More photos available.

2 thoughts on “Concentration

  1. Sure is, he’s growing so fast.

    And I’ve gotten to learn how great it is to hear him say “Hiiiiiii daddd”. Good stuff.


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