Perfect Weather for a Trip to the Zoo

We couldn’t let a 70 degree day in mid July pass us by, so we took a drive down to the St. Louis Zoo this morning.  I’m still pulling in photos but I really like these two. 



The one of all of us was taking by a stranger that kindly offered.  It took a few moments and fumbling to remember how I needed to set the camera up for someone else to use, turned out great though!

3 thoughts on “Perfect Weather for a Trip to the Zoo

  1. I sure paused for a second when the guy offered to take our picture. I sized him up and figured I could run him down if necessary 🙂


  2. I, too, am completely stunned that you allowed a complete stranger access to your camera!!!

    Well, I guess we really never do know what we are capable of until the need arises!


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