San Francisco Vacation: Day 1

Since I was already out in San Francisco for the Business of Software conference, Ana and David were flying in on Wednesday.  This was David’s first time on an airplane so we weren’t too sure how he’d react.  Everything went fine,  he enjoyed himself, and Ana didn’t lose her sanity – bonus!

It took a while to get out of the rental car center at the airport but it didn’t take too long to get to the apartment we rented.  Ana found the place on HomeAway and it is beautiful.


It’s over 100 years old (probably closer to 130 I think) and is very comfortable.

Our door is actually the small one on the left in the picture which leads you down a long and kind of creepy breezeway, with the entrace to the apartment on the back of the house.  It’s 2 bedrooms with a kitchen and living room so it has been so much better than just getting a hotel.  

We ended up not doing too much that day other than running to a local grocery store to get some supplies.   After a quick dinner, he fell asleep immediately.




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