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  • San Francisco Vacation: Photo Roundup

    After quite a bit of time sorting and editing, I present to you roughly 9% of the 1600 photos taken on our vacation. http://www.ejiphotos.com/Travel/SFVacation Comments welcome.

  • San Francisco Vacation: Day 7

    Today was our last full day here in San Francisco.  While it has been much fun, we are tired and ready to come home.  Since we did so much yesterday around the city, we really didn’t do a whole lot today.  The day started with breakfast and coffee, then shipping one of our suitcases home […]

  • San Francisco Vacation: Day 6

    For not knowing yesterday what we were going to do today, it sure ended up being a packed day. We kicked it off by sleeping in until nearly 7 and then going a couple blocks over to Crepe Vine for a declicioius breakfast.  As it was still early for touristy things, we drove to Alamo Square  […]

  • San Francisco Vacation: Day 5

    What yesterday was to trains, today was to prisons.  Yep, today was the trip to Alcatraz! In true prison fashion, the day started very early.  We thought David was on his way to being adjusted to the time change, but he woke up at 4:30 again this morning.  It took us a while to get out […]

  • San Francisco Vacation: Day 4

    Today was all about trains. After breakfast this morning we made the hour and a half drive from San Francisco down to Felton for a great train ride through a redwood forest.  The first order of business upon arrival was to get David a train whistle so he could sound like the engines we could […]

  • San Francisco Vacation: Day 3

    We got to sleep in a bit longer today – 5:30am! After getting David some breakfast, we took a short walk down the block to get some coffee.   Here’s the view from a block from where we’re staying. After grabbing coffee it was only 8am, and most of the tourist spots weren’t close to being […]

  • San Francisco Vacation: Day 2

    This being the first day here, David woke up at his normal Central time which translated to 4:30am.  And he was ready to go, letting us know with “I’m Done!”. So we got up, made breakfast, and headed out to the park that’s on the next block.  It doesn’t look like much from the street […]

  • San Francisco Vacation: Day 1

    Since I was already out in San Francisco for the Business of Software conference, Ana and David were flying in on Wednesday.  This was David’s first time on an airplane so we weren’t too sure how he’d react.  Everything went fine,  he enjoyed himself, and Ana didn’t lose her sanity – bonus! It took a while […]