Noreve Leather Case for Kindle DX

One of my Christmas gifts from Ana was delivered today, my new Noreve Kindle DX Tradition leather case.  And it looks and feels great.


Unlike many of the Kindle 2 and Kindle DX cases out on the market, Noreve has avoided the terrible hinge system for this case.  Thank goodness, because the Amazon case with the hinge caused our DX to crack (eventually replaced by Amazon).  Instead, it uses sturdy, leather-covered tabs to keep the kindle firmly in place in the case without worry of scratching or otherwise damaging the device.  You just slide the Kindle in from the left and into place beneath the “tabs”.  Unlike in the Amazon case, the Kindle is going nowhere in this thing.


The case is padded quite nicely, has a stylish texture, and a good magnetic closure.


One concern I had before receiving it today was that it may be too bulky, but surprisingly even with it’s padded feel it isn’t noticeably bulkier than the stock Amazon one.   The front cover can comfortably be folded back and out of the way while reading, and unlike Amazon’s case you don’t have to worry about opening it from the wrong side (which can lead to those cracks!).


I spent a lot of time looking for a good case for the DX, and ended up with a great one.   While it’s a bit more expensive than competitors’, every indication thus far is that it’s going to be worth every penny.

For more photos of the case, check the gallery.





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