Back to 2 Cats

The Johnson household is back to two cats.  Today we went to Sangamon County Animal Control in hopes of finding a suitable kitten for our home, and brought home a fun little energetic boy. 


David immediately started calling him Bottles for reasons unknown to us, so we figured we’d try that out as a name.  Several hours later we decided Bottles just wasn’t working out, so we instead have ended up with Faraday.  Dozer and Faraday.   Works well.

More photos available in the gallery.

5 thoughts on “Back to 2 Cats

  1. Why “Faraday?” I really like it, I just don’t know if it has some significance that I’m blind to.

    He looks A LOT! like the little stray mama kitty that I brought into my home Fall of ’08. She was named by Elizabeth, the 7 year old neighbor—“Cuddles” because she has always been so lovable. Her little baby has similar markings, but is primarily gray—Her name is “Puff.”

    Anyway–I’m sooo excited for you! You know, you can never have enough cats!!


  2. No, Eric,
    I know who Faraday is, I just meant what characteristics on the kitty made you name him that. Just curious.


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