Favorite Software, 2010 Edition

Almost 2 years ago I posted a little about my favorite software titles.  Tonight I thought it would be interesting to take a look at my current favorites and see how the list has changed.

  1. Microsoft OneNote is still on the list, albeit the new 2010 version.   This is still where I organize everything and take notes daily.
  2. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom also stayed on the list, new on version 3.  My favorite V3 features are the much improved noise reduction and lens correction profiles.
  3. Trillian gets used just about every hour of every day.  I’m currently using Trillian 5 Beta on the desktop and now enjoy their iPhone too.  Version 5 is promised to bring chat history syncronized across devices, I can’t wait for that.  This version also handles Twitter and Facebook much better than the prior, so it is slowly becoming my preferered desktop twitter/facebook viewer and publisher.
  4. Calibre is new to this list.  In 2008 I didn’t have a Kindle so I had no need for an eBook librarian.  While this tool could really use some commercial UI polish, nothing else like it exists.  I purchase alot of tech eBooks and download a few docs, and they all get stored in Calibre.  From there I can easily push them to the Kindle which is better than either paying Amazon for wireless document delivery or using Windows Explorer for the task.  I need to do a whole post on Calibre at some point, it’s a very versatile tool that any eBook Reader owner should know about.
  5. LastPass has supplanted the TrueCrypt/KeePass combination for storing passwords.  LastPass is FAR more convenient, with its functionality is anchored in its online service.  Using LastPass I have access to passwords from any one of my computers.  One by one I’m letting it generate strong passwords for me, ones I couldn’t remember if I tried.  And I dont’ need to – their browser plugins handle auto-logging me in, among other great conveniences like form filling.
  6. TrueCrypt gets used indirectly every day.  My automated backup sets get copied to a TrueCrypt encrypted drive every morning.

So there you have it.  Most have stayed on the list with even better versions than before, and there are a couple newcomers that have become indispensible to me.

Have you any favorites, internet?





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