I want to go to the zoo!

“I want to go to the zoo!”

That’s what I heard from David a few times earlier this week.  Since the weather was supposed to be decent, we headed to St. Louis on Saturday for another visit to the zoo.

Much to our surprise, parking was a non-issue.  We even got to park in one of the lots, instead of somewhere along the miles of roads in Forrest Park.  Bonus!

Upon entering the zoo, we were greeted with no lines and perfect 70+ degree weather.  A great day for taking David around to see all of the animals.

Here’s David admiring one of the lizards.

And a close-up of a wing of one of Ana’s favorite butterflies.  

 We learned that the butterfly exhibit (I forget the name they use at this zoo) there is the only free one in the country.  Who would have thought?

Here’s a little video from the day.

More photos from the day can be found in the gallery.

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