David’s Halloween

This year was David’s first time trick-or-treating, due to being sick at this time last year. While he had fun getting candy himself, he was far more excited to GIVE candy to all of the other kids that came to our door. We didn’t see that coming!

Ana did an excellent job on his costume, it took quite a bit of work and he just loves it. We are finally to the point where we can get it off of him without too much crying, but he’s sure to wear it every day 🙂

Enjoy the video, photos are available in the gallery.

2 thoughts on “David’s Halloween

  1. That’s really funny. I heard the same thing from one of my coworkers about his 4 year old! I always enjoyed that part more myself 🙂


  2. Oh, Ana and Eric! You should be so very proud of him! He’s beautiful, inside and out. Such a gentleman, too–I think he’d be perfect as a director on a cruise line!


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