Getting Out to Shoot

As I mentioned a few months ago, I have been doing my best to get out and shoot as much as possible.  Some times are more difficult than others to push myself outside, like last night when it was still above 90 degrees and humid at sunset.   But I made it out, and was rewarded with this shot, which I particularly like.

I notice now that when I’m out, I find myself really working to just get a single good/memborable shot.  Sure, I get others, but I really try to make just one that really stands out among the others.  Last night, this was that shot.







2 responses to “Getting Out to Shoot”

  1. Emily Jacob Avatar

    Love your work! Couldn’t stop looking at your photos on your website!


    1. EJ Avatar

      Thank you very much, Emily! I’ll keep posting, so keep checking back 🙂


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