Second up: Moon

I took quite a few pictures of the moon, they can be seen here. All pictures taken with my old scope have been moved into a sub-album. Here's one of them.

Pictures Coming Up

I spent 4 hours tonight using my new camera and telescope. I have roughly 1000 images to go through and begin processing; at first glance I have some amazing pictures. I'll try and get a few online in the next day or so... stay tuned!

Webcam Image

So that's my first attempt of using my new telescope with a webcam. That image is made up of 20+ 'stacked' frames of recorded video. There are a couple more like it of Saturn here but they aren't much to look at since I just used default values in the stacking software for all the … Continue reading Webcam Image

First Light

I'm just in from taking my new telescope out for its first light. Wow is it ever impressive. With the 4.5" reflector I have, whenever I pushed the image up to 200x it almost always came out blurry and very dim. Quite the opposite with the 8" - they're extremly bright and sharp. I'll be … Continue reading First Light


My new telescope has arrived! Pictures can be seen here. It took a little over 3 hours to get all setup and the mirrors aligned from its apparently bumpy ride across country, but it's awesome! I'm about to take it out now and get the finder scope aligned and take it for a test drive. … Continue reading Arrived!

SkyView Pro 8

I ordered my new telescope yesterday, the Orion SkyView Pro 8" Reflector. I was planning on ordering in a week or two but they had a nice 10% off sale that was too hard to pass up. This will be a vast improvement over my current beginner's scope which is only 4.5" in diameter. Needless … Continue reading SkyView Pro 8