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  • Minor Annoyances and XM Comedy

    These are unrelated topics, but since I only post once a quarter, I figured I’d group things together to make them worthwhile (and I use worthwhile loosely). Several things annoy me throughout the day, but some just keep repeatedly presenting themselves so I just need to get them off my chest. First, places that have […]

  • How did they do that?

    We’re into month 2 of a writer’s strike in Hollywood, but ER is STILL ON. A new episode aired last night. What’s it going to take to kill this show? It’s on something like its 30th season, isn’t it?! Sure feels like it anyway.

  • MCL Cafeteria

    Today is Justin Long’s birthday and as such, he was allowed to select the restaurant for lunch.  It’s Friday and it already ruined my weekend. My issues: We had to leave for lunch at 11:10.  That means we were back at 12:10.  That means I have 4+ hours left here at work for the remainder […]