Minor Annoyances and XM Comedy

These are unrelated topics, but since I only post once a quarter, I figured I’d group things together to make them worthwhile (and I use worthwhile loosely).

Several things annoy me throughout the day, but some just keep repeatedly presenting themselves so I just need to get them off my chest. First, places that have double doors, but keep one locked at all times. WHY?! If you have 2 doors, use both, or don’t put in double doors, or if you purchased a building with double doors, replace the door you aren’t going to use with a large window or new wall. Don’t leave a handle on it and expect people not to use it or try to use it. I think some places have cameras and watch the ‘door footage’ each night just for laughs. This also applies to places that have multiple entry locations but put a sign on one of the doors directing you to use the other door. Again, replace extra entry location with a wall or window.

Secondly (or B – whichever you prefer) are young people who drive vehicles that they clearly couldn’t afford without help from mommy or daddy. And I’m not talking about the ones that borrow their parents cars, that’s expected, I’m talking about the ones that own the vehicle. You can always tell its theirs by the crap they have hanging from the rearview mirror or the tinting the windows. It just irritates me when these ‘kids’ pull up in their cadillac’s and bmw’s and glance over at my vehicle with that “I’m sorry you have to drive that” look. The look I try to give back is “Hey, I like my minivan and I didn’t have to have someone else buy it for me”, but I don’t think I quite pulled that off. Instead, its probably coming across as “Hey ****** mind your own **** business”, but I’ll continue to work on it.

Finally, XM Comedy. I’m blaming it for making me late to work. I can’t exit the vehicle in the middle of a really funny skit, and they are never timed right so it never fails that I get back to work and end up sitting in my car for another few minutes until it’s over. Of course I’m laughing too which probably makes others arriving around me wonder what is going on and looking for a cell phone or bluetooth device to explain my behavior. This doesn’t happen daily, cause lets face it, XM plays a lot of not so funny stuff, but has happened more than once.






10 responses to “Minor Annoyances and XM Comedy”

  1. Bob Avatar

    Ok…cut back on the coffee…


  2. Maria Avatar

    So this is a good day to rant about things!! I am going to add to this!!

    As far as the double doors!! AMEN BROTHER!! I am surely the best and most laughed at when it comes to those doors that don’t open on the other side. TRULY GET RID OF THOSE DOORS!! People can’t read or don’t want to stop outside of a door to read a note. Please!!

    The car thing and kids- Give them a POS!! I guarntee they won’t want to go out because they don’t want to be seen in it, they just want to get where they have to go and get back.
    Classic Example- Dad buying us a car that was just as old as us 1978 Pontiac Pheonix, sky blue!! (it did get us where we needed to go and it least it was a gas hog.) (so in the end, GO DAD!!)

    The other thing, is why are these parents buying these way too nice car for kids when (70%?) wreck in the first year of driving and insurance can not be cheaper on that new of a car.
    The last thing is, living in Southern Indiana, they give their kids, gas hogging, trucks!! Who is paying for this gas?? Not the kids I am sure, How do the parents afford this?? I have seen 3/4 to 1 ton diesel trucks sitting in school lots. IT IS $4.30 a gallon!! They get 5-6 mpg. CRAZY!!

    Thanks for reading!!


  3. Maria Avatar

    As far as XM, you have it in the house too!! No excuses Mr. Johnson. 🙂


  4. Kate Avatar

    Do you Restrepo girls have anger issues? Cameron (who is 8) is already saving for a “small, slow, blue SUV”.


  5. Kate Avatar

    okay, the smiley is supposed to be the number eight!


  6. Jan (aka...Aunt Jan) Avatar
    Jan (aka…Aunt Jan)

    Let me blow some steam off too!!
    Seems to me if Daddy and Mommy would spend more (quality) time with taking an interest in the kids education as much as they do in getting the expensive status symbol for their kid to drive to school, we wouldn’t have to need this x###XX#X# NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND crap invented by our dearest commander and chief! (just had another run in with that blasted law this morning!)
    We had a student last year at the high school-his Daddy bought him a Hummer….a fricken Hummer!…he parked the thing out on the edge of the parking lot so the thing would get hit by another student! I see it daily….you just have to shake your head in bewilderment!
    Thanks Ana….I needed to vent at something!!


  7. Maria Avatar

    I retract my XM comment for Eric, I thought Eric wrote this blog.

    Kate- I think it is the italian in us?? 🙂


  8. Ana Avatar

    I just have to say that I am glad there are others out there who share my frustrations. Thanks for the support!

    Kate, try to convince Cameron to get a Toyota. They get great gas mileage and are pretty safe (and slow – just ask Eric). Oh yeah, tell him Eric had one and he’ll change is mind. I got to drive it for a little while too if that helps.


  9. EJ Avatar

    Yeah, that thing topped out right around 45 miles per hour when packed with the stuff from my dorm room. 45 is great when you’re going uphill with a semi behind you.


  10. Sally Avatar

    I can beat your 45mph uphill in a toyota with a semi. Try downhill in a Voyager 4 cyl with 6 girl scouts inside and a semi behind you, I mean filling your whole rear view mirror! I was terrified!


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