Tag: Humor

  • IM at Work

    So at work we use Windows Messenger, the idea being that we can communicate quicker.  This should be the case, but I’ve found that the vast majority of people here (mostly those older than myself) use it for: Got a minute?  Stop in my office. or  Got a minute to discuss X?  I’ll call. or…

  • Here’s a first

    I just purchased a bag of oranges and actually ate one here at my desk.  I’m 99% sure that’s the first time I’ve eaten an orange.  I’ve had a piece or two from others that were eating them, but never a whole orange. That, combined with my first eating of eggs at a restaurant a…

  • Work Quote of the Day

    “the server ate too much sausage and its clogged. ive seen it happen before.” – Brian Nottingham That’s awesome.

  • Pope

    The following is from a CNN article regarding the burial of the Pope: Vatican officials say it is likely Pope John Paul II will be buried in the grave once occupied by Pope John XXIII in the grotto beneath St. Peter’s Basilica. Spokesman Joaquin Navarro-Valls says the pope will be buried there “unless he left…

  • NBC

    My suspicions are correct. 42.85% of NBC’s Prime Time lineup consists of Law and Order shows of some form (9 hours out of 7 days * 3 hours per day). And they are adding a new series to the lineup.. when does it end!

  • eVoting

    I ran across this article over at CNN. I think what Nevada is doing is a very good idea, but I first chuckled at thought of how appropriate it would be if people were lining up at slot machines to cast their votes for office.

  • Ice Cream

    As I was standing outside grilling the meat for our fajitas this evening, I heard faint musical notes in the distance, accompanied by the occasional ringing bell. This goes on for ten minutes at least, growing louder and louder until I finally realized what it was… we have an ice cream truck driving through our…