Visual Studio 2008

Earlier this week I received a free copy of Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2008 by being an Action Pack subscriber and completing a short little web tutorial and quiz. I installed it last night and decided to get the Chef code/projects converted so I could start using it.

The usual project conversion wizard popped up as soon as I opened the solution and prompted me to upgrade it to the new VS08 format (still targeting .NET 2.0 though).  When the wizard completed, however, I was getting a few compile errors in some of the WinForms designer files (.designer.cs).  It was easy enough to fix, the conversion just messed up namespaces during process, which surprised me a little bit.

I haven’t spent much time actually developing in 08 yet, but now that I have Chef converted I’m going to stop using 2005 in favor of it.  I’ll report any cool new features I run into.




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