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  • Video clip: I shall feed myself!


  • An evening in Fast Forward

    I’m still feeling my way though some of this video stuff, here’s one I put together tonight.  I think the aspect ratio is off a tad… and it’s bugging me.  Anyway, enjoy! http://www.motionbox.com/external/hd_player/type%3Dsd%2Cvideo_uid%3D069cdcb41f12e98f Update: Re-encoded the video, now the aspect ratio is correct.  Woo!

  • Just to make you laugh

    I opened an account on MotionBox this morning so I can start uploading and sharing more videos here. Here’s one I just put up from yesterday, David laughing and having a good time playing with Ana. http://www.motionbox.com/external/hd_player/type%3Dsd%2Cvideo_uid%3D069bdebb1117e88f

  • Video Processing

    My video camera was delivered Friday, so this weekend I have spent some time learning out how to use it and, more importantly, how to process/edit its video. Learning how to use it was pretty easy, aside from a little disc snafu that kept me from making use of a pack of DVD+RWs I bought. […]