First Day

Cue smiling baby... Today is Ana's first day back to work, and at her new job nonetheless! Good luck Ana, you'll do great! Accordingly, today is David's first day at Gradma Johnson's house. As you can see, he's all ready to go. It has been pretty hectic this morning as Ana tries to get out … Continue reading First Day


Most of you regular readers already know this, but today was my last day working at LRS.  The whole experience of ending employment vividly reminded me of handing in my last Final Exam in college, and getting ready for everything to change the following day.  I worked with a lot of great people during the … Continue reading Work

Requirements by Eavesdropping

I'm coining it. Defined as a process by which software requirements are gathered not by formal meetings and documents, but rather by hearsay. They sure don't teach you that at school.  Nor should they. I can use it in a sentence, but I'd rather not.