A quick update on Ana

Along with my recent job change, Ana gave notice to her current employer (Wells Fargo) and accepted a job offer at Memorial Medical Center where she’ll be doing some good ‘ol IT Project Management.  She’s slated to start on February 18th.  Congratulations Ana!

On a health note, we have gotten a second opinion on the treatment path for her ITP (because we found that she was not, in fact, cured).  The new doctor’s treatment plan is much more aggressive and traditional in its approach – in line with everything we’ve read about ITP.  The current plan is to very very slowly take her off of the prednisone while watching her platelet levels, and if they drop again they will remove her spleen.  In preparation for this possibility, she is getting a Spleen and Liver scan done this morning at the hospital presumably to make sure her liver is in fine shape to take over for a non-existent spleen (yeah, apparently the liver will start to do the spleen’s job in its absence).






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  2. Jennifer Avatar

    Yeah Ana. Congrats on the new job. I’m so happy that you’ve found your way into what sounds like a great new job. I hope they can appreciate your fabulous PM skills! I sure miss working with you, but then again I guess I already left WF, so it’s not as if we’d work together any longer anyway, right? 🙂


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