Beautiful Night

It was a very clear night tonight. Since I was too tired from cleaning all day to get the telesope out, I pulled out one of my astronomy books and the following text jumped off the page at me:

“Children growing up in the final decades of the 20th century or the early years of the 21st century represent the first generation in the history of civilization to live in a world where the stars are almost certain to be the last thing noticed at night instead of the first.”

– Terence Dickinson, NightWatch

I cannot help but wonder if this will have an adverse affect on the desire to explore space in future. A large part of me thinks it won’t, but what if Galileo (or Kepler, Newton, etc.) didn’t have the night sky to inspire and intrigue him? I think it is safe to say we would be in a completely different situation right now.

It’s pretty saddening to me.






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