House stuff

Yesterday, Ana called Construx (the company that built our house) about two outstanding issues. #1) We still have a ‘temporary’ sump line running out of the house, dumping water into what is now a small moat between us and the neighbors. #2) about a month ago the doorknob on the door going to the garage stopped working with our key.

The sump line was gauranteed to be buried in the spring so I wasn’t too worried about it. But when Ana talked to a rather uninformed individual on the phone yesterday, she was told that they didn’t know about the sump line. Hmm… at this time I’m wondering if I should be worried. Luckily we have it in writing that they are going to fix it in the spring, that should help if need be.

The doorknob was supposed to have been ordered a good two weeks ago, but this lady on the phone didn’t have a clue on its status. Supposedly the person that usually takes care of that stuff was out of the office.

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